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Columbus, OH  43228
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Niedax de Mexico S.A. de C.V.

Calle San Vernardo 9A
Colonia Sanctorum Cuautlancingo
Puebla, Pue., Mexico C.P. 72730
+52 222-485-0586 - Local
+52 222-485-0414 - Fax


The Niedax Group is a well-established and highly respected company in the market of Cable Management Systems and world’s leading manufacturer of steel cable trays.

Niedax was founded in 1920 by by two German engineers. Alexander Niedergesäß and Fritz Axthelm saw the rising demand for electricity and consequently set their focus on manufacturing electrical installation material. Today – almost a 100 years later – the company is still family owned.

Headquartered in Linz, Germany the Group has today 2000 employees, 15 manufacturing plants in 8 countries and over 30 subsidiaries all over Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Niedax Cable Management Systems are used in residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects, from hotels to office buildings, breweries to warehouses, power plants to bridges and tunnels. Reference installations in more than 100 countries are the visible proof of Niedax’s success.




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